Modern History

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The effectiveness of the Pact proved to be surprisingly high, as for many centuries none of the parties have tried to break the Seal, at least not openly. Many adventurers, bandits, or even some more intelligent undead proved that with a bit of cunning and persistency, every lock, including the seal itself can be eventually broken.

Over the course of time, more and more such roguelike incidents happened, which often took forms of the guard units being attacked or surrounding habitats being burned off to the ground. As a consequence, both sides have established extra garrisons from where the wardens could patrol the surroundings of Gates more closely, and undertake appropriate actions whenever necessary.

At first, the Redeemed reacted to singular transgressions relatively mildly. They sent less dangerous intruders back to the other side of Gate, while those more treacherous deemed to pacify without having a second thought. However, their orders also strictly forbade the admission of strangers, who often were distraught families seeking asylum. This order forced Redeemed guards to neutralize anyone who refused to go back, and many of them opposed this senseless bloodshed that contradicted with the values worshiped by their ancestors. And yet, an order was an order… Conversely, the Sinners had no problem at all with instant elimination of intruders. Moreover, some of them even fed up their ranks as the successive undead.

But when the Seal was broken, nobody was prepared. Bloodthirsty hordes swept across the realm, marking their path with death and decay. The Elders were first to face the demonic onslaught. Despite a heroic last stand, most of their lands were destroyed.

Now, a modest band of courageous Champions - ignored by King Adelmar - makes its way towards the evil core. May fortune smile upon brave and foolhardy alike, as they count for both…