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From the victory and death in battle to the rise of an indomitable team, this page offers a rough guide to BattleRise's gameplay. Use this page as a helpful guide to getting started in BattleRise and to learn more about the basics of gameplay, champions, cards, and strategies! This article is most useful for new players learning how to play BattleRise.

1.Main UI.jpg
A. AVATAR: An interactive portrait representing player's character of his own choosing

B. INBOX: Allows to send and recieve messegaes between players or game's client

C. CURRENCIES: Features 3 main in-game sources that can be spent for various benefits

D. SETTINGS: Allows to turn on and off music and SFX in the game

E. CAMPAIGN SWITCH: Allows to swap between the 3 PVE campaing modes

F. PVE MODE: Includes a limited number of chapters and battles where rewards are fixed to aquire

G. CHALLANGES: Features all Daily Rewards and Achievements with potential rewards to gain

H. CHARACTERS: A list of all Champions, where they can be unlocked, trained, enchanted, and promoted

I. PVP MODE: Featuring mode where players play against other players' squad in an asynchronous pattern

J. POWER-UPS: Varying with rarity, enchantments can greatly improve Champion's statistics

K. STORE: Offers to buy packs, character shards, currencies

Summary:[edit | edit source]

BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions allows players to collect champions, assemble teams, and use them to fight in turn-based battles. There are various ways to collect Champions, amongst which some are given to players immediately, whereas others are gained once the starting amount of Champion Shards is met. The Champions can be promoted to a max of seven stars with each additional star increasing their power. Once a player maximizes one Champion's rarity to seven stars, the excess shards will be immediately exchanged for Gold. Shards can be either earned from winning battles or bought from the Merchant.

Gameplay:[edit | edit source]

Battles are divided up into rounds, with the Champion with the highest speed attribute going first. Each team consists of up to five different avatars which battle until defeated. Battles are turn-based, again based on the speed attribute, where Champions apply various buffs to their own team and damage to the opponent all the while trying to deal the most overall damage and have the last Champion alive.

Apart from accumulating the stars, the characters can also be improved with Training Runes that provide varying levels of experience points to level them up, as well as with Enchantments that boost Champion’s stats according to their rarity and specific bonuses. The maximum level cap in BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions is 85th level.

Champion Shards, Training Runes, and Enchantments can all upgrade Champions, although most of those unique items can primarily be won only from battles for one particular alignement, to encourage players to play on both sides. Additionally players level up their user level by gaining experience, completing daily quests or battles.

The main currencies of the game are Gold and Magic Dust. Gold can be used to train a Champion, buy chests from the Merchant, obtain a Champion when you have enough shards or promote a him. Magic Dust can be used to buy chests from the Merchant, buy Gold, acquire Champion Shards, and Mana Points. Magic Dust can be bought with money or can be given as rewards from Arena and Daily challenges.

Controls:[edit | edit source]

The UI of BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions is responsive to point and click action at all times during the gameplay.

Screenshot 4.jpg Screenshot 3.jpg
A. Enchantments / B. Champion Shards Finder / C. Training Runes A. Enchantment Slot / B. Enchantment Card
Screenshot 2.jpg Screenshot 1.jpg
A. Champion Collection / B. Champion Slot / C. Champion Leader Slot / D. Battle Button A. Pause & Auto Battle Buttons / B. Champion Avatar / C. Passive (or Leader) Ability / D. Abilities

Terminologies:[edit | edit source]

Buffs, Stats, Abilities, Health, Speed, Armor, Resistance, Critical chance, Damage, Offense up, Defense up, Offense down, Defense down, Taunt, Counter, Revive, Heal, Regeneration, Stealth, Stun, Heal block, Ability block, AoE: Area of Effect, Dispel...

Tips and tricks:[edit | edit source]