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Enchantment cards are elemental to Champions' survivalabilty and effectiveness in battle.

They can greatly boost various statistics and when used appropriately to their synergies with specific champions and classes, they can enhance original bonuses or/ and occur as a whole additional statistitc.

With the use of Singularity, they can be either manually crafted or grinded for exchange of small Singularity portions. The only exception to this rule are enchantments earned in the Chapter Mode that are non-grindable.

The maximum number of Enchantment slots is six, allowing for choosing any enchantment and mixing it with any other or any Champion character. The only condition to equip an enchantment is to meet its level requirement.

The enchantments are also divided into 5 following rarity categories, named from the worst to best respectively: common, rare, epic, legendary, and champion set parts. All can be acquired via chapter playthrough or as a game reward. However, the better the rarity the lesser opportunities are there to acquire one. Some better enchantments are only exclusive to singularity crafting or Lucky Drops from manual chapter playthrough.

There is no limit to how many enchantment copies it is possible to store in the inventory.

Common Enchantments: Rare Enchantments: Epic Enchantments: Legendary Enchantments: Champion Set Parts: