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Champions are the playable characters in BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions. They are Seraphims, Avalonians, Verdant Offsprings, Mercenaries, Abyssal Legionists, Death Lords, and Undead. Currently, there are 21 Champions available to collect and play. All of them are distinguished by their Affiliation, Faction, Role, and Tag.

Every player starts with 3 permanent Champions, one of each class: Attacker, Healer, and Tank. There is also Support, a fourth Champion class that among other Champions is available for the player to be later unlocked.

Any Champion can be unlocked upon collecting a respective number of 15 character shards. The character shards can be earned accros the Chapter Mode, Arena, Daily Activities and Challanges, or by buying them from the Merchant directly.

Once the Champion is unlocked, he or she can be upgraded in 3 different ways; promoted up to 7 stars, leveled up to 85, and be equipped with enchantments that best boost their power.

All upgrades directly influence Power that revolves around 6 main statistics of every Champion: Health, Speed, Armor, Resistance, Critical Chance, and Damage. Players should always opt to maximize the overall Power of their Champions as it is key to succesfully complete various modes and challanges that the game has to offer.

Champion Faction
Zephyr, Iris on the Wind.png

Collectible Champions: