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BattleRise Wiki:Requests

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Requests fulfilled 2/13/19[edit source]

  • Beginner's guide: No technical additions are required to write such a guide. This would be a plain wiki page that can be written at How to play guide for BattleRise, by anyone who is familiar with the game. That guide is linked from the Main Page.
  • Skills with expandable details: Template:AbilityInfo has been created for this. View and Edit the example page at Test. That code can be copy/pasted to character pages and edited for each skill.
  • Champions tree: Template:Hero has been created. View and edit the page Heroes to see an example table and the corresponding code. Each Hero listing can be edited to name the characters in BattleRise.
  • Template:Menu-bar - This has been added to the Main Page and just needs to be un-hidden, and customized to suit the section you want to link to. To un-hide it, remove style="display:none" from the template page. Then replace the placeholder images and links with yours.
  • Clickable voices: Upload sounds via Special:Upload in .MP3 or .OGG format, then list each file name with the following tags around each: <sm2></sm2>. See the example list at Voices.