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Welcome to the the Official BattleRise Wiki
Welcome to the BattleRise Wiki
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About BattleRise

BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions offers a mix of strategy and RPG-style combat. It is a game about collecting adventurous champions and teaming them up against their invading arch-rivals in epic battles, rooted in a deep fantasy world.

In BattleRise, the players must go in a head-to-head battles in order to climb their ladder ranks, but also cooperate in reoccuring raids and events. Constant experiments, training, as well as choosing from a variety of weapons and enhancements are essential to build a dominant team.


Story Mode

Three gripping single-player campaigns that offer players to play as good, evil, or a mixture of both to fight unparallel monstrosities and seize the rewards.


Ranked multiplayer mode where players must assemble powerful teams of Champions to climb the ladder and receive greater prizes.


A variety of short-time period events featuring activities greatly dependent on specific conditions.


The most difficult events in BattleRise driving players to join forces against colossal beasts and long-held nemeses in exchange for the most unique rewards.


Multiplayer campaign where players choose the side of conflict to conquer enemy territories while defending their own.


-Grand scale adventure featuring endless hours of action-packed experience

-In-game events greatly depended on player’s actions

-Compelling characters, true to the classic fantasy

-Limitless team-building with powerful items and enchantments

-Progression system boosting long-term engagement and customer lifetime value

-Reward acquisition fully gratifying the time and effort put in by players